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Aspire - EVO 75 Kit

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The EVO75 is the latest premium vaping kit from Aspire. This essential kit includes an improved Atlantis EVO sub-ohm tank and an elegant NX75 box mod. This kit offers great value for an amazing vaping experience. The Aspire Evo75 is where your vape becomes a serious experience. Reasonably priced for the slew of amazing features packed into this compact, but substantial piece; this humble looking box-mod fire sup to a modest 75 watts without any fuss. It includes many great features such as temperature control modes, custom variable wattage configurations, and the ability to digitally inscribe your name into the 0.8 inch LCD screen. It comes with the redesigned, top-fill Atlantis Evo tank, and the two work marvelously as a pair, whether you're after clouds or after deep flavor.