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GreenSt Wellness - Tobacco Electric Shredder & Cut Converter

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The Electric Tobacco Shredder is a convenient alternative to all your shredding needs. This shredder & cut converter makes grinding tobacco or your favorite herbs simpler than ever by offering high-powered blades that power through your material at the touch of a button.

This electric grinder can easily handle up to 50 grams of tobacco or herbs at any given time, allowing you to grind quite a substantial amount of material at a time, leaving you with an extremely efficient grinder that handles nearly any loose leaf product you throw at it.

A clear top window allows you to watch the entire process go down and control the consistency of your grind. Once you can see you have achieved the perfect consistency, power the Electric Tobacco Shredder off and open the chamber for easy removal.

The Electric Tobacco Shredder delivers the most efficient and mess-free grinding experience compared to most herbal grinders on the market. Invest in one today, and you will soon see grinding large amounts of material has never been so simple.