Charlie Noble - Soller's Pointe Flavored Synthetic Nicotine Solution

Charlie Noble - Soller's Pointe Flavored Synthetic Nicotine Solution

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Incredibly smooth and creamy with bursts of banana, vanilla, caramel, and a hint of tobacco. 

Profile: Fruit, Tobacco, Cream

Primary Flavors: Banana, Vanilla, Cream, Caramel

VG/PG Ratio: 83/17

Bottle Sizes: 120ml and 30ml

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Marcus Schwartz
This is the best. Ask anybody. Winners use Charlie Noble.

Great flavor. I've been using this product for several years and never get tired of the flavor. Complex and not to sweet. Pistachio RY4, Soller's Pointe, and Tripoli are my favorites.

Randy Allen
Great Company

I have always received my order on time and when I had an issue you guys solved it immediately. I used to get stickers or lollipops with my order. But they have stopped I think some swag in the bag with the orders would be awesome. I have been a customer for 7!years now!!

Best flavor ever!

This is my favorite flavor. Been vaping it for years

Robert Bennett
Excellent juice

After reading the reviews for this juice I had to try it. Let me just say I hate banana flavored shit except for bananas but since I love their tripoli I gave it a whirl and thankfully I did, I love it. Sollers point, tripoli, and odin 101 by baker white are in my opinion the top 3 juices I've ever had but at 25 plus dollars a bottle for odin 101 baker white can pretty much kiss my ass, they must have been higher than a giraffes nuts when they came up with their prices, even if it was made out of Jesus pee, at that price would never make my adv list. Charlie noble juice rocks and they are 1 of only 3 companies that I hope actually survives the impending federal regulations. Thank you c.n

Deborah Rozek
Charlie Nobel best product ever!!

I live in Chattanooga Tennessee & the Vintage Vapor smoke shop turned me onto the product over a yr ago unfortunately the shop is closing & I won't be able to get it here anymore . So I'll be forced to order it thru the mail the only thing I'll miss besides the product is the punch card which gave me a free juice after 10 bottles it's nice because it feels like getting a free gift. Anyhow at least I can still buy the juice