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The One Where We Explain Our Absence, or We’ve Been Busy Little Bees…

Well, I’m going to have to start this entry off with an apology, and beg forgiveness for the lack of new content for the past few weeks. We’ve missed having the opportunity to chat with everyone out there, but it’s been for a good reason! Exciting developments to share with all of you in the vape world, and a few thoughts on what may lay ahead….

We started Charlie Noble in early 2014, with the goal of producing a top-quality e-liquid, but at an affordable price. We are vapers first, just like you, and really felt that there was a large gap in the juice market at that time. It took a lot of planning and quite a bit of work, but we realized that we could fill that void. We realized that we could make a premium line of e-liquids using the best ingredients, lovely artwork, glass bottles and droppers…at prices well below the competition. It definitely was a labor of love. Emphasis on labor.

And it worked! I like to think that people could tell just how much thought and care went into every batch and bottle that we made. We have also tried to plan for the future as much as possible, and have been working on a few secret projects for the past year.


This is just a quick peek behind the curtains at our world headquarters. In the next few weeks we will release a full video, giving everyone a behind-the-scenes tour of our facilities. The tour will cover the clean room environment where the juice is made and bottled, to the packaging and shipping departments, taking you alongside orders being placed and delivered. We are very proud of the company we have built, and want to make sure that we share it with you, our customers and fans. You are the reason we make juice, the reason that we are here, and we want you to be able to see all of the people, procedures, and actions that are needed to be able to get these products on the shelves, to your mailboxes, and in your hands.

In other news, we are also turning up the spotlight on advocacy and education. We are continually disturbed by the lack of knowledge and misinformation that are still passed around concerning vaping. Not only by the anti-vaping groups, but the vape community as well! We want to provide as much factual information as possible, to allow individuals to be able to make the best decisions for themselves and those around them.

Lastly, this blog is for you, the readers. I get the opportunity to share things that I find interesting with all of you, but I would love to develop true interaction with you! So, to that end, ask questions, leave comments, post things you would like to have discussed, or topics we may have missed. I have plans for a video series, and a few other assorted ideas for various forms of media. Maybe you want to get into e-liquid mixing? Maybe we should talk about flavorings? Maybe you have hardware questions, or you want more coil building tips and tricks? Let me know, in the comments below!

As always, we would not be here without you, and we love you for it. Enjoy this sneak peek, and prepare yourselves for 2016…we have a lot in store for you!



  • Daniel LaRock says...

    What a great video! I just filled out the survey that CASAA sent me. It was a general survey about our habits and about how vaping has benefitted us. They asked about flavors we vape. Well, I mentioned Charlie Noble as a brand. I appreciate what you have done and continue to do.
    I’d love to talk coil wrapping! I find that clouds will “come if you build it” lol. I like a 26 guage, standard coil, with about 8 wraps, for flavor. I use a few RTA’s and I’m currently loving the GeekVape Griffin’s. Their decks are so much nicer to build on. Last year it was Goblin’s and a Cthulhu. I still use them but their build decks are very limited, due to size constraints. Any way, thanks, M and thanks to the entire staff. I ALWAYS look forward to ordering every week and saying hey to CJ, JG, AS, and anyone else I missed (ugh! so sorry) who always leave me such nice “thank you’s” and awesome, kind words! Charlie Noble Rules

    On April 27, 2016

  • James Urquhart IV says...

    I made the mistake of trying another juice company and came running back to Charlie Noble. Excited to see what you have for us in the future. VAPE ON!

    On March 30, 2016

  • James Urquhart IV says...

    I made the mistake of trying another juice company and came running back to Charlie Noble. Excited for the future what you have for us in the future. VAPE ON!

    On March 30, 2016

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